Marvalous Winner - a great energy drink | for sportsmen, students, workaholics and just everyone in the need for extra energy
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Next to the Omega 3 ALA from Clary Sage, "Marvalous" offers 5 food supplements – powerful health drinks:

Marvalous Winner – an Energy drink

Active ingredients:
1. Guarana extract -
Guarana is a bush that grows in the Amazon jungles, whose fruit resembles strawberries. The product provides a burst of energy. Extract of Guarana, includes natural caffeine. Beyond the short-term energy effect, this natural caffeine also has an effect in the longer term. Brazilians use Guarana to stay alert during the Carnival. This product is an energy drink with added Guarana. The effect varies with the individual, and depends sensitivity to caffeine.
2. Taurine – an amino acid that may improves thought processes and increases alertness.
3. Inositol – a material created in the body from glucose. It is essential for the body’s insulin function and energy capacity, and plays a key role in the transmission of nerve messages in the brain.
4. Caffeine – a fat-soluble material with a low molecular weight that is rapidly absorbed and dissipated in all body tissues. In the bloodstream, caffeine is attached to fat or protein. Its level in the blood rises within 30-120 minutes of being ingested, and reaches its peak level in 45-60 minutes. Caffeine affects many body tissues, such as the central nervous system, the heart and vascular system, and the muscular system. It has been clearly demonstrated that caffeine metabolically arouses and strengthens thinking ability and mental awareness. Caffeine is capable of bolstering oxidation of fatty acids and triglycerides in muscles, thereby reducing the use of the store of glycogen, and extending the period of time before a person making a lengthy physical effort becomes exhausted.
5. Vitamins from the B group: B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12.

Recommended dosage: as needed according to fatigue, lack of awareness, and concentration, and before any physical effort, including athletics. It is not recommended for those sensitive to caffeine, people with hypertension, pregnant or nursing women, children under 12, and those suffering from pulse rate disorders

Flavor: Caramel
Food coloring: Natural caramel

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