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Next to the Omega 3 ALA from Clary Sage, "Marvalous" offers 5 food supplements – powerful health drinks:
Marvalous - Calcium
The newest, revolutionary product by "Marvalous" and probably the best Calcium supplement, made for high absorption

The patented product that was just revealed (June 10), by Prof. Shmuel Edellstein the Marvalous company scientist (and the inventor of Alpha-D3, a worldwide known product for Osteoporosis), a result of his recent research.
The special composition of the product, ensures a very high absorption of Calcium into our bones and is aimed at all populations, young and old, is certainly the best solution for people suffering of Osteoporosis.

Active ingredients:
1. Calcium - a mineral of great importance for the normal function of every cell in
the body. Calcium is an essential building block for all the bones and teeth in our body. The recommended daily intake of calcium is 1000 mg. This amount cannot be obtained from food, since our food is poor in this mineral.
Consumption of calcium in doses lower than the recommended daily intake leads to leakage of calcium from the bones into the bloodstream, resulting in bone weakening and fractures. The calcium compound in the calcium beverage of Marvelous is calcium citrate. This compound is characterized by the best bioavailability among the various calcium compounds, and is devoid of the side effects typical of other calcium compounds.
2. Vitamin D – This is the vitamin responsible for the normal absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal system and participating in the process of bone construction. Vitamin D is also of great importance in the prevention and treatment of various diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer.
3. Vitamin C – This vitamin, beyond its activity which is known for years, also plays a very important role in the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal system and complements the action of vitamin D, in order to achieve optimal calcium absorption.
4. Magnesium – A mineral playing an important role in the normal function of every cell in the body, similar to calcium. Magnesium is a building block for the bones in our body. The required calcium/magnesium ratio is 2:1; this is the ratio in the Calcium beverage of Marvalous.

Important information:
Osteoporosis has now reached the incidence of a pandemic. Every second menopausal woman and every sixth man above the age of 65 suffer from osteoporosis. Despite the recent developments of drug therapies for this condition, they are incapable of regenerating lost bone. The best treatment of this condition is its prevention!!! Prevention means an adequate supply of calcium and vitamin D.

Adequate supply of calcium is actually required at any age. Adolescents of both sexes require higher calcium amounts to support the developing skeleton and growth. Those who are involved in sports activity, pregnant and lactating women, as well as the elderly, require additional supplements of calcium.

Recommended dosage:
It is actually wise for any person above the age of 12 to drink the Marvalous Calcium beverage daily. The recommended dose is between one to three beverages daily, depending on age and physiological condition

Taste: strawberry-banana
Color additive: natural , beetroot powder

Some facts about Osteoporosis:
- Osteoporosis products, make a USA only market of 18 Billion $ every year
- Every 2nd woman over 50 and every 6th man over 65 will get Osteoporosis
- The best cure to Osteoporosis, is prevention, there is no day too soon to start supplying our body with highly absorbable Calcium
- Bones affected by Osteoporosis are hardly fixable
- By supplying our body with absorbable Calcium, we stop the progress of Osteoporosis


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